The DREAMS!!!! I’ve experimented with the

The DREAMS!!!!

I’ve experimented with the gold disc for a few weeks now, and I would like to comment on the effects it’s had on my dreams. I started sleeping with the disc over a period of weeks, and the dreams are amazing. I’ve had several “predictive” dreams about my own life, as well as those interact with on a regular basis. Most intriguing were the dreams I’ve had about people that I have not interacted with, but have a connection to. This disk seems to provide an accurate predictive illumination through the dream state. I’ve managed to accurately predict outcomes for people I’ve not had contact with for some time. Lucidity of my dreams has increased at least 100%. Knowing that I am dreaming while it’s happening and watching occurrences happen or talking to people that I haven’t to in awhile and receiving information that is validated later on, through the person, has shown me that this disk provides information in the dream state that was not possible before.

I encourage everyone to experiment with this product, as it has brought a great many experiences that were clear and accurate. I’d say it has enhanced the dream state 10fold and I cannot wait to see what happens next. I’m excited for the possibilities! As a strong clairvoyant, it has been nice to receive so much information in the dreamstate, and remembering it so clearly. I feel like I’m more connected to the sacred self as a result.