I have an affinity for

I have an affinity for both science and the metaphysical so an energy product like this really piqued my interest. I have worked with energy for decades and can tell you with full confidence that this little gold disk is truly something. When I first held it in my hand I could feel gentle pulses, like waves, moving up, into and around my body. I placed it in my pocket and just started taking note of its effects throughout the day…What I found was the disk was grounding me and heightening my senses (all 7)! As days passed my body got more used to the energy and I suspect the more a person needs balance, the stronger the sensations will be. This is just remarkable! If you are in the spiritual industry, you definitely want this disk. And if you aren’t, you will want it in your life, it will bring about a profound awakening for you! I am so glad that I have this and will definitely buy more. We need to share this great energy in a world that truly needs it.