I bought this disc a

I bought this disc a year ago or more and forgot about it but recently found in one of my drawers. Since wearing it for the past few days I have had strong awareness while I am dreaming. I usually am not aware of dreaming but the disc has changed all of that immediately. I had my trusted medical clairvoyant test the disc last year before buying it and he said it was very power, especially would be working on my 6th chakra, the third eye, and the left brain, and in a few years it would also be working on the right brain to improve my Transcendental Meditation. I am usually not sensitive enough to experience any effects from the many energy devices I have had for the past 47 years, but the very increased dream state awareness is tangible proof that this little disc has some powerful energies at least effecting the nervous system.
Steve Mehl
retired clinical psychologist